60  Minute Coaching Call with Creative Coach Nichole

60  Minute Coaching Call with Creative Coach Nichole


Ready to Build your Online T-Shirt Store but need some direction? This package is for you.


  • The Call will be led by Creative Coach Nichole, Owner and Christian Entrepreneur of PrayUp BossUp GoalUp, The TEESuite and StandinBlack.
  • Please be sure to use the calander to schedule your 60 minute call.
  • All calls will be confirmed within 24 hours of booking.


This Package Provides support and direction around:

  • DIY Support and brief overview with setting up all things related to your E-Comm T-Shirt store.

  • E-Comm website options.

  • Domain purchase + hosting options.

  • T-Shirt designs and design programs

  • How to build a cohesive apparel collection.

  • Printing options / Print on Demand Integrations.

  • Marketing plug-ins.

  • Social Media business.

  • Branding and packaging.

  • Coaching call with be scheduled after package is purchased.

  • An emailed Confirmation of will be provided after coaching call day/time is scheduled.


If you are having trouble placing an order please email us at info@prayupbossupgoalup.com  or live chat with us during business hours.